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April 2015

Minutes of Board Meeting held at Pier Hotel 8 April 2015


Directors in Attendance:


Dinah McDonald               Chair

Pearl Brown                     Treasurer

David McKenzie                 Secretary     

David Eaglesham

Catherine Rae




Gordon Macdonald


Members in Attendance:


Cllr Bruce Marshall


Minutes of Meeting 4 March 2015


The draft minutes of the Trust Board meeting of 4 March 2015 were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by David E, seconded by Dinah and adopted.


Matters Arising




Business of the Trust


Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report


Update on membership


Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report


Pearl reported that the bank balances were as follows:


Business Account:        £2755.44
Savings Account:         £4173.86


The balance on the Business Account includes the Soon, Seen, Successful grant of £1500 from the NP, but not the £700 admin grant. It is likely that next year there will be a further reduction in the amount available to Trusts from the NP for admin.



Community Action Plan - 2012 


Action Status:


Theme 1:


Priority 1 – Invasive Species:


Nothing to report


Theme 2:


Priority 1 – Blairmore Village Green


 A joint meeting of the Blairmore Village Trust and the Blairmore Hall Trust to discuss their respective developments will be held on 12 April.


Theme 3:


Priority 2 – Development of potential sites.


The Board discussed the schedule that would have to be met if a feasibility study was to be carried out prior to an application to the Scottish Land Fund (SLF). Given that applications for this round of SLF funding close in June, it was agreed that we would defer the SLF application until the next round of funding expected next year. We may consider applying for funds for the feasibility study earlier in anticipation of new SLF funds coming on stream in 2016.
David will write to the Highgate Hall Trustees to advise them of the situation.
It has been reported that the owner of the former John Brown site in Strone might be open to considering a sale if a ‘village petition’ so supported. David M to explore further.
The Board discussed the type of ‘sheltered housing’ that they were prepared to support if the project proceeded. It was agreed that any apartments built would be offered for lease and not for sale.


Priority 5 - Village Appearance


See Graham’s Point later in these minutes


Theme 3:


Priority 2 – Business Development


Community Market Garden – will be removed from agenda


Theme 4:


Priority 1: Sewage facilities upgrade


It may be possible to bring the proposals developed for the Shore Villages to the attention of the recently formed Argyll & Bute Sustainable Economic Forum (ABSEF). David M to explore


Priority 2 – Broadband Provision


Nothing to report


Priority 3 – Renewable Energy


The proposed joint feasibility study for a hydro project with Kirknewton CDT has been formally agreed and we are awaiting their next actions.






An upgrade to the Loch Eck road is planned – Bruce will advise.


Villages in Bloom


3 new flower tubs are under consideration


Daffodils have been planted by Bruce in the existing tubs.


Graham’s Point Community Park


There will be a party of volunteers from the National Park visiting Graham’s Point on 11th April at 10:00 to tidy up the Willow Tunnel, replace goal netting, apply preservative to seating, etc. It is hoped that additional local volunteers will also be involved. Dinah will be providing tea, coffee and soup.


Working Groups / Projects


Paths and Access


Nothing to report


Historic Kilmun / Argyll Mausoleum Ltd (AML)


The site has now been fully open to visitors since 4 April


A successful Quiz Night to raise funds was held on 27 March


A Craft Fair is booked for St Munn’s Hall Dunoon on the 13th June 2015.


The Faith in Cowal project, which is separate from Historic Kilmun but which will provide visitors, is progressing well.





Nothing to report


Date of next meeting


19:30 on Tuesday 19 May at the Pier Hotel, Kilmun

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