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December 2009


Minutes of Board Meeting held at Kilmun Hall 14 December 2009
Attendees:              Dinah McDonald               Chair
                             Pearl Brown                     Treasurer
                             David McKenzie                 Secretary
                             Ron Cruickshank
                             Jeanette Sloss
                             Vic Sandall
                             David Eaglesham
Advisor:                 John Forth                       LLTNPA
Apologies:              Billy King
Cllr Bruce Marshall
Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the last Trust meeting held on 2 November 2009 were proposed by Ron Cruickshank, seconded by Pearl Brown and adopted.
Matters arising
Ø     Ron Cruickshank advised that the newsletter is entitled Loch’n’Glen.
Business of the Trust
Secretary’s Report
Ø     David McKenzie advised that the change of address for the bank accounts with the Bank of Scotland had now been processed. Pearl confirmed that she was now receiving account statements and other bank information.
Ø     Director changes from the AGM had only been partially completed with Companies House and will be finalised before year-end.
Update on membership
Ø     David has not yet initiated a review of Trust membership or provided lists to other Board members to assist in renewals / discontinuances. He hopes to have that completed before the next Trust meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
Ø     Pearl advised that the balances on hand were:
o       Account 1     -        £1558.73
o       Account 2     -        £3704.66
Ø     The sum of £7705 had passed through the Trust accounts. It had been received from Community Energy Scotland as a first payment for consultancy on the Anaerobic Digestion project and had been paid to AECOM Consultants.
Ø     Pearl requested that any outstanding invoices relating to Graham’s Point be passed to her immediately for payment.
Grant Application
Dinah McDonald advised that, since the last Trust meeting, she had been asked to submit urgent applications to the National Park for two possible grants:
1.     A grant to cover admin costs. Checking last year’s account showed that the Trust had spent £1700 on admin related items. Dinah had submitted an application for £1450 for this year. This amount could cover:
Ø     Photocopying and mailing costs
Ø     Director training, possibly in cooperation with Sandbank CDT
Ø     Travelling costs on Trust business
Ø     Hall hire for meetings
Ø     Small grants to each of the 3 village halls (£100) to assist with their costs
2.     Project grant. Dinah had submitted an application for £2400 to cover the following:
Ø     Lap-top computer with broadband access for Uig Hall for use by local people who do not have broadband access
Ø     £200 contribution to Loch’n’Glen newsletter
Ø     Laminator / trimmer for Trust use
Decisions on these grant applications was expected by 18 December 2009.  
Nothing to report
Villages in Bloom
Ø     Jeanette Sloss reported that the new flower tub for Clachaig bus stop has been built. A discussion took place on the types of planting that would be appropriate and Jeanette agreed to organise this.
Graham’s Point
Ø     Ron advised that a wall had partially collapsed and would need re-built. Pearl agreed to pursue this and report back.
Working Groups
Paths and Access
Ø     Dinah reported that, in addition to SNH funding of £3,000 and Leader Plus funding of £5,000, a further grant of £1,000 from the National Park had now been agreed for the upgrade to the Blairmore / Gairletter path. Planning permission is now being sought, but was being delayed due to an issue with the proposed path width. It had been previously agreed that the planning fee would be paid by the Trust but this amount had not yet been determined.
Ø     Dinah reported that the Paths and Access group were now turning their attention to path maintenance. Possible assistance had been offered from Cameron House via the National Park.
Ø     Dinah would investigate whether the Trust could assist in repair of the path from the Kilmun surgery to the Arboretum.
David McKenzie reported on each of five work streams:
1.     Legal Documents:
a.      The Minute of Agreement had now been signed by the Council, the Trustees of the ninth Duke and was now with the Trustees of the tenth Duke for signature. After this, the Minute would be signed by the Church of Scotland General Trustees and then by Argyll Mausoleum Ltd. 
b.     No progress has occurred on the Mausoleum Lease, which was still held up at the Council. David continues to chase
c.      The letter confirming the right for the public to use the access path had now been agreed with the Church of Scotland legal department and would be signed at the same time as the lease.
2.     Artefacts – nothing to report
3.     Fund raising / financials – the application for a development grant from Heritage Lottery Fund had now been submitted. The application to Historic Scotland would now be prepared.
4.     Marketing Plan / Visits – David had heard from the BBC that they wanted to make an item for the Radio 4 PM program about the Mausoleum for broadcasting before Christmas. An interview with Professor Richard Oram from the University of Stirling had already been recorded for the piece and the reporter would be visiting the Mausoleum on Tuesday 15 December. The Duke and Duchess of Argyll will also be present for the recording. David and Dinah would be interviewed. David will advise the Trust Board when he knows the date of the broadcast. The National Park press department would record the piece.
5.     Temporary repairs – these have still not been carried out due to shortage of skilled labour and the weather. Current estimates are that these will now happen in the second week of January.
The next Board meeting of Argyll Mausoleum Ltd will be in Kilmun Church at 13:00 on February 12, 2010.
Marine Environment
David reported that the feasibility study with AECOM continues. David now anticipates that the study will not be completed until early next year. A date will then need to be set for the presentation of results to the community. David had a meeting with Scottish Water on 13 November and they had agreed to get involved and offer advice on this project. 
Post Office / Shop
Ø     Dinah reported that a meeting to which all community groups had been invited took place on 7 December. Attendance had been disappointing. A small committee to manage the project had been formed.
Ø     After discussion, it was agreed that the two feasibility studies that had previously been discussed would be carried out. These would now include the option of re-locating the Post Office / Village Shop to Blairmore, as well as the current Strone site. These studies will not take place now until the New Year.
Ø     John Forth will submit the applications for grants to cover the costs of these studies. John may need input from the Trust to complete the applications and will request that as needed. 
Future Meetings / Date of next meeting
The date of the next Trust Board meeting will be on Monday 15 February 2010 at 19:30 in Uig Hall.



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