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June 2014

Minutes of Board Meeting held at Blairmore Hall 30 June 2014


Directors in Attendance:


Dinah McDonald               Chair

Pearl Brown                     Treasurer

David McKenzie                 Secretary     

David Eaglesham




Cllr Bruce Marshall




Victor Sandall


Minutes of Meeting 6 May 2014


The draft minutes of the Trust Board meeting of 6 May 2014 were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by David E, seconded by Dinah and adopted.


Matters Arising




Business of the Trust


Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report  


Update on membership


Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report


Pearl reported that the bank balances were as follows:


Business Account:        £2736.77
Savings Account:         £4172.41     


Outstanding invoices not yet processed:


Public Liability Insurance for Graham’s Point - £525.98
2 x picnic tables for Graham’s Point - £600


Community Action Plan - 2012 


Action Status:


Theme 1:


Priority 1 – Invasive Species:


Japanese Knotweed to be sprayed shortly
4 x trained volunteers to action


Priority 4 – Improved Signage


The Kilmun CC has requested that the Trust pay for a new notice board at Kilmun Hall. The Trust had previously explored whether it would be more suitable to place a village notice board at the Post Office. After discussion, it was agreed that the best site for a substantial notice board would be at Graham’s Point.
Such a notice board could be expensive – it was further agreed that the Trust should submit a funding application to the next National Park Soon, Seen, Successful program.


Theme 2:


Priority 1 – Blairmore Village Green


It is understood that the purchase transaction for the Village Green is complete and that the project now moves towards implementation of the agreed design.  


Priority 2 – Strone Pier


Pearl has been in contact with the land owner; she has stated that she is unwilling to sell.
It was agreed that David M would draft a formal letter to the joint owners of the site expressing our interest in acquiring the property.


Priority 5 - Village Appearance


Seating at Strone Pier needs – still awaiting Bruce feedback as to whether the Council will carry out the work.


Theme 3:


Priority 2 – Business Development


Dalinlongart project is still active


Theme 4:


Priority 1: Sewage facilities upgrade


It may be possible to feature the proposed Cowal pilot at the Rural Parliament planned for later this year. David M to pursue.


Priority 2 – Broadband Provision


Nothing to report


Priority 3 – Renewable Energy


The Trust has previously registered with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) our interest in a potential hydro opportunity on the stream adjacent to Kilmun Church. FCS has now offered the Trust the opportunity to take on the development role for the project. After discussion, it was agreed that this would be too big a task for our available resources. It was agreed that David M would so advise FCS and explore alternative options.
Bachan Burn wind farm – Bruce is continuing to work with the developer to determine the possibility of community benefit if the project was to proceed.






Nothing to report


Villages in Bloom


Bruce has re-filled selected tubs


Graffiti has been sprayed on the Kilmun bus shelters and on visitor signage. The Council will remove.


Graham’s Point Community Park


Work was still needed to maintain the Willow Tunnel, benches and planters. David M has yet to check with the NP to see if volunteers might be available – will be followed up by next meeting.


Working Groups / Projects


Paths and Access


A work party has cleared the paths on Blairmore Hill


Pathway marking funded by the Trust will be installed shortly.


Historic Kilmun / Argyll Mausoleum Ltd (AML)


The actual Mausoleum opening has been delayed until November – AML is trying to get that improved.


The AGM of AML was held on June 17. Key points:


There is a new Board in place – Ann Galliard is Chair and Stephen Inglis and Janette Valentine have joined. Alasdair Brown and Norma Murray have resigned and Dinah has stepped down as Chair, although she remains as a Director representing the Trust for the time being.
AML is experiencing financial issues with cash flow, due to the method that funders use to determine their own contribution. An action plan to address is in place.


AML has identified the need for a Development / Marketing officer to drive up revenues and tourist footfall. A proposal has been made to share this role with other attractions / businesses in the ‘3 Lochs Loop’ (Holy, Long, Eck). If such a role was to be created, one obvious home for the individual appointed would be the Trust. AML has asked if that could be a possibility. After discussion, it was agreed that we would be willing in principle to considering such a proposal and will confirm that to AML.




A request has been made by the new owners of the local Post Office / village shop to see if we could assist with ideas to drive up local usage of the shop. It was agreed to work with the shop to design a leaflet to be put in the doors of all local houses. The leaflet would advise of new ownership, new items in stock and request feedback from the recipient. Possibly a free offer of some sort would encourage residents to return the completed leaflet.


David M will advise the Post Office owners.


Future Meetings / Date of next meeting


The next meeting of the Trust Board will be held at 19:30 on Tuesday 26 August. Venue – Uig Hall.  


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