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May 2014

Minutes of Board Meeting held at Uig Hall 6 May 2014


Directors in Attendance:


Dinah McDonald               Chair

Pearl Brown                     Treasurer

David McKenzie                 Secretary     

David Eaglesham

Victor Sandall        




Cllr Bruce Marshall


Billy King


Since the last Board meeting of the Trust, the death of Billy King was announced. On behalf of the Trust, Dinah noted the contributions that Billy had made over the years and offered our sympathy to Billy’s relatives. Dinah advised that she had organised flowers to be sent to the funeral on behalf of the Trust.


Minutes of Meeting 12 March 2014


The draft minutes of the Trust Board meeting of 12 March 2014 were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by Pearl, seconded by David M and adopted.


Matters Arising


Community Action Plan Theme 4 Priority 1:


Victor Sandall noted that the Trust position regarding the upgrade to the toilets in Kilmun Cemetery was that disabled access should be provided.


Business of the Trust


Secretary’s Report


Nothing to report  


Update on membership


Nothing to report


Treasurer’s Report


Pearl reported that the bank balances were as follows:


Business Account:        £1957.77
Savings Account:         £4172.19     


Outstanding cheques not yet processed amounted to £114.00.


Community Action Plan - 2012 


Action Status:


Theme 1:


Priority 1 – Invasive Species:


Nothing to report


Priority 2 – Coastal Path:


On hold


Priority 3 – Develop Powder Mill site


On hold


Priority 4 – Improved Signage


Dinah checked the cost of providing an A1 size notice board and the amount is £220 + VAT. We are still waiting to hear from Bruce if the Post Office is willing to host the community notice board.


Theme 2:


Priority 1 – Blairmore Village Green


Scottish Land Fund (SLF) has now released the funds for the purchase of the Blairmore Village Green and other properties; these have been transferred to the Blairmore Village Trust solicitors to await conveyancing completion.
The meeting to present the final report from 7N architects and the National Park on the recommended plans for the Village Green was held in Blairmore Hall on 22 March.


Priority 2 – Strone Pier


David M advised that a local developer might be interested in a 50 / 50 split with the Trust in developing the site for sheltered housing.
Pearl has been unable to contact the land owner to confirm that she is willing to sell; she will try again and report back to the next meeting.


Priority 5 - Village Appearance


Seating at Strone Pier needs – still awaiting Bruce feedback as to whether the Council will carry out the work.
Beach / river clean-up – to be discussed later.
Status of Squirrel Hide – Dinah confirmed that Benmore Gardens have no plans for this. She will contact the Red Squirrel group to see if they are interested. 


Theme 3:


Priority 2 – Business Development


Nothing to report


Theme 4:


Priority 1: Sewage facilities upgrade


It was agreed to keep a focus on the Scottish Water plans for sewage upgrades in the Cowal Shores area and to keep the political pressure on regarding a multi-utility solution.


Priority 2 – Broadband Provision


Nothing to  report


Priority 3 – Renewable Energy


The Trust has registered with Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) our interest in a potential hydro opportunity on the stream adjacent to Kilmun Church. This has been acknowledged.






Nothing to report


Villages in Bloom


Nothing to report


Graham’s Point Community Park


The Trust had previously agreed to fund the replacement of two picnic tables. Dinah advised that these would be £300 each.


Work was still needed to maintain the Willow Tunnel, benches and planters. David M will check with the NP to see if volunteers might be available for 2H June.


Working Groups / Projects


Paths and Access


The spring / summer program is now under way


The Trust agreed to consider funding pathway marking – Paths Group should define what is required.


Historic Kilmun / Argyll Mausoleum Ltd (AML)


The Visitor Centre is now open on summer schedule – open each day except Tuesday.


The actual Mausoleum is expected to be open in September



Future Meetings / Date of next meeting


The next meeting of the Community Partnership will be held in Ardentinny at 19:00 on 14 May.


The next meeting of the Trust Board will be held at 19:30 on Monday 30 June. Venue – Blairmore Hall, if Bruce can arrange.   

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