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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 12 September 2009
Directors in Attendance
Dinah McDonald               Chair
Pearl Brown                     Treasurer
David McKenzie                 Secretary
Ron Cruickshank              
Billy King
Dorothy Bruce
Russell Bruce
Board Advisors
Councillor Bruce Marshall            Argyll & Bute Council
John Forth                                 Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park
Minutes of last AGM
The minutes of the last AGM held on 7 September 2008 were proposed by Ron Cruickshank, seconded by Billy King and adopted.
Chair Report
Dinah McDonald reported on the activities of the Trust since last AGM. The Trust annual highlight report, which was distributed at the meeting, is attached as an Appendix 1. In addition to the items on this report, Dinah was able to advise the meeting of recent events:
Ø     Re the Blairmore / Gairletter path, the grant application to Leader+ was approved yesterday. We are still awaiting a response from SNH
Ø     The Trust had made a donation of £280 to an appeal to support new apprenticeships in the area. As a result of this appeal, three new apprentices had been taken on – one each by J Cullen, Wm Wallace & Son and Geo Currie
Ø     Invasive species - we are part of a working group which has been established through the Community Partnership to work on this. We are also involved in the 'Community Partnership goes Green' initiative. This involves an application to Community Energy Scotland for money to fund workers and energy meters to lend out to householders in the 8 trusts involved in the application.
Treasurer’s Report 
Pearl Brown presented the report of the Trust finances through end of December 2008. This report is attached as Appendix 2.
David McKenzie proposed the adoption of the Treasurer’s report; this was seconded by Ron Cruickshank and adopted.
Appointment of Directors  
The Constitution of the Trust requires that five directors retire annually, although they can stand for re-election.
The following Directors retired:
Dorothy Bruce
Russell Bruce
Brian Gillings
Dinah McDonald
Billy King
The following Directors indicated that they would be prepared to stand for re-election:
Dinah McDonald
Billy King
David McKenzie proposed that Dinah and Billy be re-elected as Directors; Ron Cruickshank seconded the motion and the re-elections were confirmed.
The following members of the Trust indicated that they were prepared to stand for election as Directors:
Jeanette Sloss
Proposed:              Dinah McDonald      Seconded:    Ron Cruickshank
David Eaglesham
Proposed:              Bruce Marshall        Seconded:    Dinah McDonald
Victor Sandall
Proposed:              Dinah McDonald      Seconded:    Pearl Brown
As there were no objections, these nominations as Board Directors were approved. Dinah thanked and formally welcomed the new Board Directors.   
Next AGM     
The next AGM will be held on Saturday 2 September 2010.
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