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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 15 September 2012


Directors in Attendance:


Dinah McDonald                     Chair

Pearl Brown                            Treasurer

David McKenzie                      Secretary

David Eaglesham                   

Victor Sandall


Members in Attendance:


Teresa Lenton

Ann Campbell

Michael McDonald




Evelyn Boyd

Billy King

Jim Aitchison

Jean Maskell

Councillor Bruce Marshall                  Argyll & Bute Council


Minutes of last AGM


The minutes of the last AGM held on 3 September 2011 were proposed by David McKenzie, seconded by Dinah McDonald and adopted.


Chair Report


Dinah McDonald reported on the activities of the Trust since last AGM.


The major activities of the Trust during 2011 were:


Expanding the Paths group. A grant was applied for and awarded from FCS for guided walks and dry stone wall repairs. This funding was not received until 2012.


A very successful walks programme led to the formation of a walking group.


Members attended training on paths maintenance, and became part of the Paths in the Park initiative.


Contribution to the ongoing costs of the community newsletter Lochs 'n Glens.


Ongoing support for the tubs of flowers - Village in Bloom Initiative


Ongoing support for maintenance of Graham's Point.


Representation on other community groups by members of the Trust - e.g. Kilmun Community Council, Argyll Mausoleum Ltd, Board of LLTNP.


Represented on the steering group for a new action plan for the area. Seeking to obtain funding for this.


Involvement in the consultation for the new LLTNP plan


Continued guidance to Argyll Mausoleum Limited.


Treasurer’s Report 


Pearl Brown presented the report of the Trust finances through end of December 2011.


David McKenzie proposed the adoption of the Treasurer’s report; this was seconded by David Eaglesham and adopted.


Appointment of Directors  


The Constitution of the Trust requires that one third of directors retire annually, although they can stand for re-election. The following Directors retired as per the Trust Memorandum & Articles of Association:


Pearl Brown

David McKenzie

Dinah McDonald

Victor Sandall


All of the retiring Directors indicated that they would be prepared to stand for re-election. Teresa Lenton proposed that the following members be elected as Directors:


Pearl Brown

David McKenzie

Dinah McDonald

Victor Sandall


The motion was seconded by David Eaglesham and approved unanimously.


Next AGM     


The next AGM will be held on Saturday 7 September 2013.

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