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October 2010


Minutes of Board Meeting held at Highgate Hall 11 October 2010
Directors:               Dinah McDonald               Chair           
Pearl Brown                     Treasurer
David McKenzie                 Secretary
Ron Cruickshank
David Eaglesham
                             Billy King
                             Jeanette Sloss
Apologies:              Cllr Bruce Marshall
Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the last Trust meeting held on 1 September 2010 were proposed by David McKenzie, seconded by Pearl Brown and adopted.
Matters arising
Business of the Trust
Secretary’s Report
Ø      The website ( has now been updated. Directors are invited to take a look at suggest improvements.
Update on membership
Ø     David reported that, since the AGM, 35 residents had completed the forms and paid membership dues. Some of these were new members, so the total membership was now 82.
Ø      Many of the membership forms included donations as well as membership dues; David will keep a note for next year’s accounts as we may be able to claim back tax.
Treasurer’s Report
Ø     Pearl advised that the balances on hand were:
Account 1:                   £2,400   Cheque account (estimate)
Account 2:                  £1,560.92   Bonus account
Ø      Additional funds from LEADER for the Blairmore / Gairletter path are still expected.
Working Groups / Projects
Community Futures Goes Green
Ø      Dinah reported that, although the house visit program had been completed, there was still a high level of interest in the insulation offer.
Ø      There was also ongoing demand for the energy monitors.
Paths and Access
Ø      Dinah reported that a new member had joined the Paths & Access sub-group.
Ø      On Saturday 16 October, there would be a formal opening of the new Blairmore / Gairletter path. Councillor Bruce Marshall would perform the ceremony. The event will start at Blairmore Pier at 14:00. 
Ø      Scottish Woodlands Trust would be inspecting the bridge in Glen Massan with a view to repair.
Ø      The newly announced volunteer rangers from the National Park should improve coverage of ranger services in the area.
Ø      The Paths & Access Group had been renamed Cowal East Paths Group.
Ø        A new initiative – Paths to Health – was being launched.
Ø     Nothing to report
Villages in Bloom
Ø      Cllr Bruce Marshall would be requested to advise on need for new bulbs, including those required by Jeanette Sloss for Clachaig.
Graham’s Point
Ø     David reported that, with the assistance of Cllr Marshall, the Council had agreed to pay for the damage to the wall and to install sleepers to prevent cars reversing to far in future. David agreed to chase the Council for status.
Ø      Pearl reported that the tunnel needed tidying up after recent gales. The work is in progress.
Ø      A discussion took place about whether a new sign should be installed asking users of the park to take home rubbish when they leave. It was agreed to revisit this at a later date.
Ø      David will check to see if a Park volunteer ranger could be assigned to monitor Graham’s Point.
Ø      David advised the removal of the artefacts should take place in the first part of November.
Ø      The Request for Tender (RFT) document for the main project was complete and would be loaded on to the Scottish Government public contracts web site shortly.
Ø      The Business Plan for the Mausoleum would be started at a meeting with the National Park on October 18.
Ø      A second key was being cut, but the ancient design needs a specialist and is proving complicated. It was hoped to resolve in the next couple of weeks.
Ø      An issue had arisen with the Church of Scotland over holding a Director’s position on the Board of Argyll Mausoleum Ltd. Alasdair Brown from the local congregation was involved and hopefully the matter can be resolved quickly.
Ø      On 22 October, Ruth Parsons and David Mitchell from Historic Scotland are planning to visit the site. Dinah McDonald and Ann Galliard are intending to join the visit. On 25 October, Louise Russell and Stewart Anderson from the Heritage Lottery Fund would be visiting.  
Ø      Dinah reported that LEADER funding was available for broadband service in remote areas from a specialist supplier BET. The amount available was £1,000 per house and 40 houses in the west of the Trust district had expressed and interest. However, the LEADER rules require that the payment to the supplier be made (£40,000) before funds could be released. Dinah is continuing to explore options and will involve politicians as required.
Dates of next meetings
Ø      The date of the next Trust Board meeting will be on Monday 22 November at 19:30 in Kilmun Hall. David will book.
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