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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 21 September 2016


Uig Hall



Directors in Attendance


Dinah McDonald                     Chair

Pearl Brown                            Treasurer

David McKenzie                      Secretary

Jim Connor

Victor Sandall             


Members in Attendance


Jan Henderson




Helga Brabender

Ron Cruickshank

Sally Munro


Minutes of last AGM


The minutes of the last AGM held on 22 September 2015 were reviewed. The minutes were proposed by David McKenzie, seconded by Victor Sandall and adopted.


Chair Report


The major activities of the Trust during 2015 were:


Paths and access group has gone from strength to strength. Group has now over 100 members and a full program of walks.


The problem of untreated sewage being released onto the shores of Holy Loch and Loch Long is still unresolved. However, the Trust has exhausted all options to find a solution, and the issue is now with the Kilmun Community Council.


Grahams' Point continues to be maintained with repairs and replacements each year, with the assistance of a group of local volunteers, occasionally assisted by volunteer rangers from the National Park. The bus shelter has now been refurbished, with the assistance of a grant from the National Park and support from the Council.

One of the action points from the Community Action Plan was to investigate the possibility of sheltered and amenity housing in the area. A number of possible sites in the area were identified, but lack of support from the local RSL has meant that any affordable options were probably not possible. A site at Tyneshandon, which could have supported a mix of sheltered and affordable housing, has now apparently been sold.  


We were working with Kirknewton Community Development Trust on a feasibility survey for a baby-hydro scheme on the west of Loch Eck. However, due to a reduction in the UK Government Feed-In Tariff, the project is no longer viable.


Spraying of Japanese Knotweed by a group of trained volunteers continues at those points in the season when such spraying is most effective. Areas treated last year are showing considerable improvement.


Thanks are again due to the Committee for their support to the Trust activities.


Treasurer’s Report 


Pearl Brown presented the report of the Trust finances through end of December 2015. The following were noted:


The NP admin grant has been reduced and the effect is that the Trust will have to run fund raising events in order to cover committed outgoings. An event in Uig Hall will be considered for later in the year.


A generous contribution of £150 from Evelyn Boyd towards Trust projects is gratefully acknowledged.


The Trust assisted the Dunoon Regeneration Group during the annual Blairmore Jingle Bus event by providing administrative support.


Catherine Rae proposed the adoption of the Treasurer’s report; this was seconded by Jim Connor and adopted.


Annual Membership Fee


The revised constitution permits the Board, at an AGM, to set a Membership Fee for the following year. It also permits the Board to waive the membership fee, and to advise existing Members that their Membership of the Trust will continue unchanged for the following year, unless they request to be removed from the List of Members. For the year 2016 – 2017, the Board agreed to waive the Membership Fee, but to request donations in lieu.


Appointment of Directors  


The Constitution of the Trust requires that one third of directors retire annually, although they can stand for re-election. The following Directors retired as per the Trust Constitution:


Gordon Macdonald (effective 26 July 2016)

David McKenzie


David McKenzie advised that he did not want to stand for re-election. Jan Henderson and Moira Tester, recent members of the Community Development Trust, indicated that they would be prepared to stand as Directors. Dinah McDonald proposed that the following members be elected as Directors:


Jan Henderson

Moira Tester


The motion was seconded by Catherine Rae and approved unanimously.


With the resignation of David McKenzie, the post of Company Secretary falls vacant. After discussion, David McKenzie proposed the following new officers:


Chair               -           Jim Connor

Secretary         -           Dinah McDonald


This motion was seconded by Catherine Rae and approved unanimously. The new officers will be effective as from the next regular Board meeting on 18 October, 2016.


Dinah advised that a further new Director or Directors were possible and will keep the Board advised.




As David McKenzie is leaving the Board after nearly 10 years’ service, a gift and card were presented to him by Dinah on behalf of the Board.   


Date of Next Meetings


The next AGM will be held on Wednesday 28 June 2017; venue TBA.


The next regular Board Meeting of the Community Development Trust will be held in Uig Hall at 19:30 on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

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